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Inspired by the delightful confection that takes only about a minute to eat, Audio Donut is a collection of short and sweet sound treats–the beeps, booms, giggles and thunderclaps of everyday life that enrich us even when we take them for granted.

It is the geeky brainchild of Sandra Yeyati and Martin Miron. Hear their antics on The Monkey and Me Show–a stupefying glimpse into their private conversations. We’ll also be posting drumming sessions, autotune poetry and other weird offerings.

Unless otherwise stated in a particular post, all of the audio and images were created by us; copyrights belong to Sandra Yeyati and Martin Miron. All rights reserved. Please contact SandraYeyati@gmail.com for explicit permission to use them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. hey, met you at Weekend Willie’s….were you doing some video recording….how can I reach you about getting a copy? do you have an email somewhere?


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